Pardo PG Solution Tubes (2 Pack) - Crystal Gel Beads Maintains Humidity in Humidor to 70% Rh and Protects Up to 25 Sticks with Propylene Glycol Solution Tubes for humidors (2 Pack)

Regular price $12.99
  • Ready To Use - Pre-Filled Crystals in Propylene Glycol Solution ready to use right away.
  • One Tube Keeps 25 Stick Fresh. Comes two per pack.
  • Easy To Refill - When the PG Solution is below the Fill Line. Simply add PG Solution of your choice.
  • Convenient - no filling, no soaking, no charging, no spilling, and no mess.
  • Airtight Cap - comes with an airtight cap so you can store a back-up tube that will stay full and ready for use if you ever need a back up or have secondary or larger humidor.

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